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On August 10, 1793, the Musée du Louvre, located on Paris’ Right Bank, opened its doors to the public. For more than 600 years, the Louvre had been a symbol of the wealth, power and decadence of the French monarchy, and the confiscation and reconstituting of what had been a royal palace into a national museum was seen as a grand cultural gesture embodying the egalitarian values of the recent French Revolution. Today it is one of the world’s largest museums (with 70,000 pieces of art spread across more than 650,000 square feet of gallery space) and the most visited (it takes 2,000 employees to maintain the museum and its artwork for the Louvre’s 8.8 million annual visitors). #TullyTravels
Perfect days with no waves. #Summer.
Saturday’s are good.
Morning froth.
Surfboard scribble.
Lazy Sunday Afternoon.
Tropical vibes tullytravels
G’day guys @wrangleraustralia and myself are calling all wanderers and nomads, to share photos
and stories of your travels. Doesn’t matter how far or near you go…what’s
important is how you do it. Doing things your own way, beating your own
path & always with a devil-may-care attitude. Show us where you go in
Wrangler. Upload to instagram or Facebook and tag #WranglerMYOTaustralia chance to
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